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HDAC Activity Is Required for Efficient Core Promoter Function at the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Promoter

Figure 1

The MMTV core promoter confers transcriptional repression by the HDAC inhibitor, TSA. Various luciferase reporter constructs containing fragments of the MMTV promoter shown in (a) were transiently transfected into Hela or 1470.2 cells and treated with or without TSA (50 ng/ml) for 6 h prior to harvest. Cell lysates were assayed for luciferase activity, and these values were normalized to protein concentration for each sample. Normalized values for untreated (control) samples were set to 1, and values for treated samples were expressed as a fraction. Statistical analysis was performed on results from 3 to 7 independent experiments. Results from Hela and 1470.2 cells are shown in (b) and (c), respectively. Error bars represent SEM.