BioMed Research International / 2011 / Article / Fig 7

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HDAC Activity Is Required for Efficient Core Promoter Function at the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Promoter

Figure 7

HDAC activity is not required during transcription of the MMTV promoter. (a) shows the experimental outline. Vehicle (DMSO) or TSA (50 ng/ml) was added to extracts from untreated (control) cells. These extracts were then subjected to HDAC assay or used for in vitro transcription. (b) shows the results of HDAC assays on control extracts to which vehicle or TSA had been added. The same assay was performed on extracts from cells treated with TSA as a comparison. The graph represents data from 3 independent experiments. (c) shows the results of in vitro transcription from the MMTV template comparing extracts from cells treated with or without TSA (Cell treated) with extracts from untreated (control) cells to which vehicle or TSA had been added (NE treated). The graph was generated from data derived from at least 3 independent experiments. Error bars represent SEM.