Figure 4: Angiographic and histological images of rabbit femoral arteries. (a) Representative angiographic and histological image 3 weeks after the balloon injury of left femoral artery. Injured femoral artery shows luminal narrowing and neointimal formation (N). Hematoxylin eosin/Victria blue stain (from Yamashita et al. [27] with permission). (b) Representative immunohistochemical microphotographs of normal and balloon-injured femoral arteries at 3 weeks after injury under conventional or 0.5% cholesterol diet. Tissue factor (TF) is expressed in neointimal smooth muscle cells (SMCs), macrophages, and adventitia. I, intima; M, media; Ad, adventitia. HE/VB, hematoxylin eosin/victoria blue stain.