Figure 1: SDS-PAGE analysis of representative protein preparations. Gel was 4–12% polyacrylamide gradient (Invitrogen) and was stained with Coomassie brilliant blue. Lanes 1 and 11: MW markers (Invitrogen See Blue Plus 2; MWs given at right). Lane 2: rabbit skeletal muscle HMM. Lane 3: rabbit skeletal muscle actin. Lane 4: recombinant rat cardiac troponin (for reference only). Lane 5: human cTn (HcTn; Research Diagnostics). Lane 6: recombinant β-GS-Tm WT. Lane 7: recombinant α-GS-Tm WT. Lane 8: recombinant α-GS-Tm E180G. Lane 9: recombinant α-GS-Tm D175N. Lane 10: recombinant α-GS-Tm V95A.