Figure 5: Example of a miRNA showing differentially copy number alteration, differential miRNA expression, and differential target gene expression. (a) Copy number alteration comparison between cell lines which are highly resistant and sensitive to agent MG-132 revealed that the hsa-miR-10b locus, on chromosomal region 2q31.1, is more frequently gained in the highly resistant cell lines ( , Fisher’s exact test). (b) miRNA expression analysis of miR-10b shows that expression is significantly higher in highly resistant cell lines as compared to sensitive cell lines to MG-132 ( , Mann Whitney test). (c) mRNA expression analysis of RAD1, a gene identified by bioinformatics prediction analysis as a putative target of miR-10b, shows anticorrelative expression to miR-10b expression. Specifically, decreased expression of RAD1 in highly resistant cell lines to MG-132 relative to highly sensitive lines is observed.