Figure 4: Loss of NHE2 leads to increased Vd of both FS cells  +  cystic dilations (combined) and large granule cells. (a) and (b) are toluidine blue stained sections of pars distalis from WT and Nhe2-/- pituitaries. Arrows point to large granule cells (mainly somatotrophs and mammotrophs). Cystic dilations of FS cell canaliculi (C) developed with the loss of NHE2 and increased in size with age. Bar: 20 μm for both WT and Nhe2-/-. When morphometric data ((c), (d)) for Nhe2-/- ( ) and WT ( ) mice of all ages were considered, the Vd of the canalicular space plus FS cell nuclei and cytoplasm was significantly greater in Nhe2-/- than in WT; * . The Vd of large-granule cells also increased significantly in Nhe2-/- mice; * .