Table 2: Comparison of AD-like phenotypes in transgenic mouse models.

Mouse modelGenetic backgroundTransgenesPlaque onset*Memory impair#Ref.

Tg2576FVB/NPrion promoted-APPswe (K670N, M671L)7-86[9, 12]
PS1Tg2576UnknownPDGF promoted-PS1 (M146L) × Prion promoted-APPswe615-16[13, 27]
PS2APPB6D2F1Prion promoted-PS2 (N141I) × thy1 promoted-APPswe58[28]
PS2Tg2576B6 × 129S6CAG promoted-PS2 (N141I)× Prion promoted-APPswe2-34-5This article

*Month of age. Previous reported onset of typical amyloid deposition. #Month of age. Previous reports of spatial learning and memory impairment in the Morris water maze. PDGF, platelet-derived growth factor promoter. CAG, cytomegalovirus early enhancer coupled with chicken β-actin promoter.