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Differential Effect of Calsequestrin Ablation on Structure and Function of Fast and Slow Skeletal Muscle Fibers

Figure 2

dCASQ-null male mice displayed a rate of spontaneous mortality even higher than that of CASQ1-null mice (see also [32]). Age-dependent survival analysis of male and female WT, CASQ1-null, and dCASQ-null mice housed under standard conditions evaluated using the Kaplan-Meier method. Number of animals included in the study: WT: male , female ; CASQ1-null: male , female ; dCASQ-null: male , female . As shown in Dainese et al. [32] male CASQ1-null mice were affected by a significantly increased rate of spontaneous mortality, particularly after 3 months of age: the additional ablation of CASQ2 worsened the phenotype.