Figure 7: Serum concentrations of collagen degradation and synthesis markers, and the ratio of collagen degradation to synthesis in NC (normal control), NC + IBU (normal controls receiving ibuprofen for 8 weeks), TR (trained controls), TR + IBU (trained controls receiving ibuprofen treatment in final 8 weeks), HRHF (rats performing high-repetition high-force task for 12 weeks), and HRHF + IBU (HRHF rats receiving ibuprofen treatment in final 8 weeks). (a) C1, 2C, a marker of collagen Type I and II cleavage (degradation). (b) CPII, a marker of procollagen II C-propeptide synthesis. (c) Ratio of C1, C2 (degradation) to CPII (synthesis). 1 = and 2 = compared to NC; 3 = compared to NC + IBU; 4 = compared to TR; 5 = compared to TR + IBU; 6 = compared to HRHF + IBU.