Figure 11: Somatostatin fails to neutralise HVS infection. The 14-amino acid peptide somatostatin was incubated with Huh7.5 cells at a range of concentrations for 1 h prior to infection with either HVS-GFP-BAC or HVS mORF51. After 48 h, GFP fluorescence was measured by flow cytometry ( ). Although cells incubated with up to 0.5 mg/ml somatostatin appeared healthy under the microscope (a), a concentration of 1 mg/ml was lethal (b). The graph (c) shows that both viruses exhibited negligible change in cell entry with increasing somatostatin concentration until the 0.5 mg/ml samples, where there is a reduced infection for both viruses. This may be due to the toxicity of the peptide rather than a true neutralisation effect.