Figure 8: HVS mORF51 infection rates shown as a percentage of HVS-GFP-BAC infection in different cell types. Each virus, at an m.o.i of 2, was used to infect a panel of cell lines. GFP fluorescence (used as a marker of infected cells) was measured by flow cytometry 48 h after infection ( ). All hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines (Huh7, Huh7.5, and HepG2) have an infection rate of over 80% of that observed with HVS-GFP-BAC. In the permissive OMK cell line, as well as in the A549 lung cell line and HEK 293T cells, HVS mORF51 infects only approximately 20% of the number of cells infected with HVS-GFP-BAC. HVS mORF51 infects colorectal cancer cell line SW480 most inefficiently, producing an infection rate just of 4% compared to HVS-GFP-BAC.