Research Article

In Vitro Culture Conditions for Maintaining a Complex Population of Human Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiota

Figure 1

Dendrogram based on Dice coefficient of the DGGE profiles of individual A. (a) The DGGE profiles of cultured sample from individual A in the low-concentration carbohydrate medium (LCM), high-concentration carbohydrate medium (HCM), and brain heart infusion medium (BHI) were compared at 0 hour and after 18 hours. The numbered bands were excised and sequenced. (b) The comparison of 1% inoculum with 1% fecal supernatant (1% WFS), 1% inoculum without 1% fecal supernatant (1% WOF), and 2% inoculum without fecal supernatant (2% WOF) after 18 hours growth time in individual A samples.