Figure 1: Wr-T/cationic lipid reagent mixture-mediated delivery of BSA proteins into living cells. (a) Cellular localization of Wr-T/BSA complexes. The internalization of Alexa-488-labeled BSA protein and marker dyes for endocytotic vesicles into HeLa cells was analyzed by confocal laser scanning microscopy. (b) Functional properties of Wr-T/cationic lipid reagents mixture pertaining to protein transduction. HeLa cells were cotreated by BSA with Wt-T and cationic lipid reagents in serum-free medium. After incubation for 3 h, the cells were placed in fresh medium and assessed at the same exposure time by fluorescence microscopy. (c) Cytotoxicity of Wr-T/cationic lipid reagent/cargo protein mixture. HeLa cell viability was quantified by the amount of ATP derived from metabolically active cells. Data were consistent in two repeat experiments.