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Construction of Papaya Male and Female BAC Libraries and Application in Physical Mapping of the Sex Chromosomes

Table 2

GenBank accession numbers of papaya BACs.

BAC IDGenBank accession No.Insert size

DM57M14AC239203102493 bp
DM125I09AC23925276946 bp
DM126G07AC23919897791 bp
DM136D11AC23925389034 bp
SF08K16AC23925169749 bp
SH49N10AC239151101216 bp
SH54M13AC238609215667 bp
SH61K24AC239155135147 bp
SH65C06AC239159162051 bp
SH88A07AC239168156305 bp
SH89M06AM778096192382 bp
SH93H03AC238636176708 bp
SH96A24AC239171188176 bp