Figure 3: Intravesical DMSO treatment reduces infiltrating effector CD8+ T cells and bladder expression of inflammatory factor mRNAs in acute autoimmune cystitis. (a) The DMSO-treated bladders show reduced infiltrating effector CD8+ T cells. Bladder single-cell suspensions were prepared, stained with anti-Thy1.1 and anti-CD8 antibodies, and analyzed by flow cytometry. Gate was set on lymphocytes according to scatter criteria. The number of double positive T cells per bladder is presented as mean ± standard deviation of 5 bladders. * (compared to the PBS-treated bladders). (b) The DMSO-treated bladders show reduced production of IFN-γ, MCP-1, NGF, TNF-α, and IL-6 mRNAs. Bladder total RNAs were extracted and analyzed by RT-PCR for the indicated inflammatory factors. GAPDH was used as an internal control. Three bladders for each of PBS- and DMSO-treated groups are presented. The results are representative of two separate experiments consisting of 4-5 animals per group. M: 100 bp ladder.