Figure 1: Characterization of FcnB in the mouse bone marrow. (a) Western blotting of FcnB in the supernatant (lane 1) and precipitate (lane 2) of bone marrow tissue, and plasma (lane 3) (left panel). Two μL of the supernatant/precipitate equivalent to the original tissue and 2 μL of plasma from FcnA−/− mice were subjected to western blotting under reducing conditions. FcnB in the supernatant (4 μL equivalent to the original tissue) was treated with endoglycosidase F (endoF) or neuraminidase plus endo-α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (o-gly) and subjected to western blotting (right panel).—, not treated. (b) Superose 6 gel chromatography of FcnB in the bone marrow supernatant from FcnA−/− mice. An aliquot of each fraction was subjected to western blotting under reducing conditions. Arrowheads depict the eluted positions of the molecular weight markers (661 kDa, thyroglobulin; 440 kDa, ferritin; 230 kDa, catalase; 67 kDa, BSA).