Figure 3: Structural characterization of rFcnB. (a) Left panel: Western blot of rFcnB and rFcnBs2-1 treated with endoglycosidase F (endoF). Right panel: western blot of rFcnB and rFcnBs2-1 treated with neuraminidase (neu) or neuraminidase plus endo-α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (o-gly). Western blotting was performed under reducing conditions. —, not treated. (b) Gel chromatography of rFcnB (upper panel) and rFcnBs2-1 (lower panel). rFcnB or rFcnBs2-1 (400 μL; 5–10 μg) was applied to a Superose 6 column (1 cm ϕ × 30 cm) and fractionated into 0.5 mL/fractions. An aliquot of each fraction was subjected to western blotting for FcnB under reducing conditions.