Figure 2: Accumulation of WNV DIII antigen and E16 mAbs in N. benthamiana and lettuce. Total proteins from plant leaves infiltrated with DIII or E16 expression vectors were extracted on 4 dpi and analyzed by ELISA with E. coli-produced WNV DIII or mammalian cell-produced E16 as the reference standard. For DIII ELISA, a monoclonal mAb against WNV DIII [13] was the capture antibody, and a rabbit anti-WNV DIII antibody was the detection antibody. For E16, goat anti-human gamma- and kappa-chain antibodies were used as capture and detection reagents, respectively, to detect the assembled form of E16 mAb. Mean ± SD of samples from three independent infiltrations are presented. B-DIII: WNV DIII produced in N. benthamiana; L-E16: lettuce-produced E16; B-E16: N. benthamiana-derived E16.