Table 1: Amino acid residues involved in 𝛼 v 𝛽 3 -uPA kringle interaction in the docking model. Amino acid residues at the binding interface (within the 6 Angstrom) were selected using Swiss pdb viewer (v. 4.02).

𝛼 vβ3uPA kringle

Ala149, Asp150, Tyr178, Gln214, Ala215, Ile216, Asp218, Asp219, Arg248Tyr122, Ser123, Met124, Lys125, Asp126, Asp127, Asp179, Met180, Lys181, Thr182, Arg214, Arg216, Asp217, Ala218, Asp251, Ala252, Lys253, Thr311, Glu312, Asn313, Val314, Asn316, Val332, Leu333, Ser334, Met335, Asp336, Ser337Ser47, Lys48, Thr49, Tyr51, Glu52, Gly53, Asn54, Gly55, His56, Phe57, Tyr58,
Arg59, Tyr84, Asp90, Leu92, Gln93, Leu94, Asn104, Pro105, Asp106, Asn107, Arg108, Arg109, Arg110, Glu125