Table 1: Characteristics of dengue rapid diagnostic tests mentioned in this paper.

ManufacturerProduct nameAnalytesStorage temperature (°C)Quoted accuracy (Sn/Spa)Sampleb10/20 cFormatdSample volume (ul)Maximum time (min)e

MerlinDengue Fever IgG and IgM Combo DeviceIgM/IgG2–30°CIgM 96/98
IgG 97/98
Standard DiagnosticsBIOLINE Dengue Duo NS1 antigen and IgG and IgM Combo DeviceNS1 Ag
1–30°CNS1-Ag 92.8/98.4
IgM/IgG 99.4/93.0
S/P/WBYesLFNS1-Ag 100
IgM/IgG 10
BiosynexImmunoquick Dengue Fever IgG and IgMIgM/IgG2–30°CIgM 97.6/98.3
IgG 95.2/96.6
BioradSTRIPNS1 Ag2–8°CNS1-Ag 92.3/98.8S/PNoW5015
AlerePanbio Dengue Early Rapid KitNS1 Ag2–8°CNot statedSNoLF5015
AlerePanbio Dengue Duo CassetteIgM/IgG2–8°CSb convalescent—10c−85.1/91.6; 20 −98.8/91.6
P acute—10 −58.3/45.0; 20 −100/45.0
WB acute—10 −71.4/91.2; 20 −77.4/91.2
WB convalescent—10 −78.6/85.3; 20 −100/85.3
MP Diagnostics ASSUREIgA2–28°CNot statedS/P/WBNoLF2515–20

Sn/spa: sensitivity/specificity.
bS–serum; P: plasma; WB: whole blood.
cPrimary and secondary infections: manufacturer claims RDT can differentiate
dW: wickstyle; LF: lateral flow.
eMaximum time in minutes to confirm a negative result.