Figure 1: Ion Torrent sequencing quality. E. coli K12 DH10B (NC_010473.1) with GC 50.78% was used for this experiment. (a) is 314–200 bp from Ion Torrent. The left figure is quality value: pink range represents quality minimum and maximum values each position has. Green area represents the top and bottom quarter (1/4) reads of quality. Red line represents the average quality value in the position. The right figure is read length analysis: colored histogram represents the real read length. The black line represents the mapped length, and because it allows 3′ soft clipping, the length is different from the real read length. (b) is accuracy analysis. In each position, accuracy type including mismatch, insertion, and deletion is shown on the left 𝑦 -axis. The average accuracy is shown the right 𝑦 -axis. Accuracy of 200 bp sequencing could reach 99%. (c) is base composition along reads (left) and GC distribution analysis (right). The left figure is base composition in each position of reads. Base line splits after about 95 cycles indicating an inaccurate sequencing. The right one uses 500 bp window and the GC distribution is quite even. The data using high GC samples also indicates a good performance in Ion Torrent (data not shown).