Table 4: The comparison between PGM and MiSeq.


Output10 MB–100 MB120 MB–1.5 GB
Read length~200 bpUp to 2 × 150 bp
Sequencing time 2 hours for 1 × 200 bp3 hours for 1 × 36 single read
27 hours for 2 × 150 bp pair end read
Sample preparation time8 samples in parallel, less than 6 hrsAs fast as 2 hrs, with 15 minutes hand on time
Sequencing methodsemiconductor technology with a simple
sequencing chemistry
Sequencing by synthesis (SBS)
Potential for developmentVarious parameters
(read length, cycle time, accuracy, etc.)
Limited factors, major concentrate in flowcell surface size, insert sizes, and how to pack cluster in tighter
Input amountμgNg (Nextera)
Data analysisOff instrumentOn instrument