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Effect of αB-Crystallin on Protein Aggregation in Drosophila

Figure 2

Suppression of compound eye degeneration by coexpression of αB-crystallin in the Q92-expressing flies. Light microscopic images of the adult compound eyes of the polyQ lines expressing only one Q92 peptide (a) or 2xQ92 peptide (d) under control of the gmr promoter. (c, f) Transgenic flies coexpressing Q92 peptides and αB-crystallin (gmr-gal4; gmr-Q92/+; uas-αB-crystallin-HA). (b, e) Transgenic flies coexpressing Q92 peptides and control LacZ protein (gmr-gal4; gmr-Q92/+; uas-LacZ). (g) Transgenic flies expressing αB-crystallin alone (gmr-gal4; uas-αB-crystallin-HA). (h) Transgenic flies expressing lacZ alone (gmr-gal4; uas-LacZ). Magnification x 90.