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Effect of αB-Crystallin on Protein Aggregation in Drosophila

Figure 3

Suppression of Q92 aggregate formation by expression of αB-crystallin in the imaginal discs of the Q92 flies. The eye discs were immunostained with anti-FLAG antibody to detect Q92 tagged with FLAG (green) and anti-HA or anti-LacZ antibodies to detect αB-crystallin-HA (red) and lacZ, respectively (red). The arrows indicate examples of Q92 aggregates. (A1–A3) gmr-gal4; gmr-Q92/+; uas-lacZ. (B1–B3) gmr-gal4; gmr-Q92/+; uas-αB-crystallin-HA. (C1–C3) gmr-gal4; 2x(gmr-Q92)/+; uas-lacZ. (D1–D3) gmr-gal4; 2x(gmr-Q92-FLAG)/+; uas-αB-crystallin-HA.