Table 1: The effect of AT-MSCs conditioned medium on the percentage values of CD4+FoxP3+ T lymphocytes in cultures of T helper cells obtained from different donors. The data from all subjects tested revealed the stable tendency towards an increase of CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ and CD4+CD25−FoxP3+ cell numbers in the presence of AT-MSCs conditioned medium compared with the respective control cultures.

w/o AT-MSCs c.m.With AT-MSCs c.m.w/o AT-MSCs c.m.With AT-MSCs c.m.

Donor 13.45%4.42%2.12%4.12%
Donor 22.19%2.91%1.72%2.37%
Donor 35.04%5.52%1.74%2.26%
Donor 41.47%2.48%2.84%3.06%
Donor 53.95%5.73%1.88%2.25%
Donor 62.87%4.55%1.01%1.95%
Donor 75.80%7.65%2.84%4.32%
Donor 85.69%5.81%3.13%3.78%
Donor 91.30%3.33%1.41%2.32%
Donor 101.77%2.03%0.7%1.10%
Donor 111.90%5.39%0.7%0.92%
Donor 122.92%5.06%1.6%1.7%