Figure 3: Distribution of RyRs in the frog Crista ampullaris. Representative immunofluorescence obtained from 18 μm thick crista slices. Tissues were treated with monoclonal anti-RyR antibodies (green) and polyclonal anti-tubulin beta III antibodies (red); nuclei were counterstained blue with DAPI. Labelling for RyR was observed in hair cells but not in nerve fibers, whereas the opposite pattern was observed for tubulin (except for a faint staining at the apex). Labeling for RyRs appeared to be stronger in spots above the hair cell nuclei; no clear difference was noted among crista regions. In several regions (asterisks), tubulin-positive nerve arborizations came close to RyR-positive spots. The micrographs are representative of seven separate experiments. Bar: 20 μm.