Table 4: Comparison of all the key parameters under different ARF feeding strategies.

Key parametersFeeding strategies
24 h addition3 h additionContinuous addition

Cell population at 48 h (CFU−1 mL)4.28 1010a1.70 1010b1.01 1010b
Maximum cell population (CFU−1 mL)5.03 1010a5.68 1010a5.47 1010a
Ammonia utilization rate (g−1 L−1 h)1.2a1.0a1.1a
Phosphate utilization rate (g−1 L−1 h)0.010a0.013a0.011a
Acid utilization (g−1 L−1 h)
 Combined 0.20a0.25b0.24b
Fermentation efficiency (%)
 Combined 82.7a100b97.8b
PHA production
 Cell dry weight (g−1 L)17.6a21.13a17.3a
 PHA concentration
(g−1 L)
 PHA productivity (g−1 L−1 h)0.0537a0.0697b0.056a
 PHA content (%)36.23a39.52a37.78a

a,b,cMeans within column not sharing common superscript differ significantly (P < 0.05).