Figure 6: Cannulation of jugular and tail veins. The anesthetized mouse is immobilized by taping its harms on a termoregulated pad. A side of the neck or the tail of the mouse are disinfected. A 27-gauge needle connected by polyethylene tubing (PE10) to a 1 mL saline-filled cannula is inserted into the jugular vein or in the lateral tail vein approximately 2 cm from the body. The cannula, filled with heparin solution (750 units/mL in water), is inserted into the vein in caudal direction and fixed to the vein with cyanoacrylate glue (Histoacryl, B Braun, Am Aesculap-Platz, Germany). The proof of the correct position of the needle is given by blood visualization in the cannula. (a) Cannulation of jugular vein. (b) Cannulation of lateral tail vein.