Review Article

The Nucleolus of Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 3

Comparison of the nucleolar size in ncl-1 and N2 worms. (a) N2 and ncl-1 background transgenic worms (as indicated) side by side and photographed under a fluorescence microscope to show the head region. The heads of both worms are facing left. Double arrowheads indicate nucleoli where the nucleolar protein (FIB-1::GFP) expression was less affected by NCL-1 than nucleoli marked by a single arrow. (b) Schematic illustration of ventral cord neurons and hypodermal cell lineages (upper panel). The fluorescence micrograph shows that the hypodermis nucleolar size (indicated by double arrowheads) is larger than nucleoli in neuronal cells (indicated by single arrowheads). The worm head is facing left and the ventral side is at the top. (c) A worm gonad arm-section treated with RNAi against the ncl-1 gene shows a similar appearance to the -1 oocyte nucleolus (arrowhead) of ncl-1 mutants. Scale bars indicate 20 μm.