Table 2: Selected up- or down-regulated miRNAs during cytokine activation of NK cells. miRNAs were selected based on the following criteria: top three fold change within the top 12 expressed miRNAs [35], significant miRNAs consistently changed by the listed stimulation [36], and top three fold change [37].

Wang, 2012 (human) [35]Liu, 2012 (human) [36]Fehniger, 2010 (mouse) [37]

Stimulation IFN-αIL-2, IL-15, or IL-21 IL-15
Duration 12 or 24 hours 36 hours 24 hours
Up-regulated hsa-let-7b hsa-miR-155 mmu-miR-188-5p
hsa-miR-15a mmu-miR-339-5p
Down-regulated hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-1246 mmu-miR-223
hsa-miR-103 hsa-miR-331-3p mmu-miR-26b
hsa-miR-30e mmu-miR-181a