Figure 6: Ultrastructural location of EhADH112 in ANeoBro1 trophozoites after RBC ingestion. After 15 min of interaction with RBC, ANeoBro1 trophozoites were processed for immunogold labeling using pαEhADH112 and secondary antibodies, and contrasted and analyzed by TEM as described above. (a) Section from a trophozoite containing a RBC into phagosomal compartments, displaying a cytoplasmic MVB. (b) MVB and RBC neighboring vesicles; (c) RBC surrounded by small vesicles. MVB: multivesicular bodies. RBC: red blood cells. Arrowheads: EhADH112 gold-labeled molecules. Asterisk: disruption of a larger vacuole and release of vesicles.