Figure 1: Relative abundance of INHA and INHB transcripts in porcine oocytes isolated from different size of follicles before and after IVM. The porcine oocytes were isolated from follicles of pubertal gilts and immediately used to isolate RNA, which was reverse-transcribed into cDNA. The relative abundance of INHA (a), (b) and INHB (c), (d) mRNAs was evaluated by RQ-PCR analysis before ((a), INHA, (c), INHB) and after ((b), INHA, (d), INHB) IVM. The oocytes analyzed before or after IVM were isolated from small (<3 mm), medium (3–5 mm) and large (>5 mm) follicles. Results are presented as mean ± SEM with the level of significance, * , ** , *** .