Figure 6: Binding of leptospiral recombinant proteins to human plasminogen. The recombinant proteins LipL32, Lsa63, rLIC10509, Lp29, Lp49, Lsa27, MPL21, MPL17, LipL40, MPL36, rLIC10494, rLIC12730, rLIC12922, rLIC12238, Lsa66, Lp30, Lsa20, rLIC11030, rLIC11834, and rLIC12253 were coated onto 96-well ELISA plates (10 μg/mL) and allowed to interact with purified human PLG (10 μg/mL). BSA and gelatin were used as a negative control for nonspecific binding. Binding was detected and quantified by specific antibodies. Bars represent the mean absorbance values at 492 nm ± the standard deviation of four replicates for each protein and are representative of three independent experiments. Statistically significant binding in comparison to negative control BSA are shown by *(P < 0.001); **(P < 0.0001); $(P < 0.02); #(P < 0.0005). The binding of rLIC11834 and rLIC12253 was compared to its binding to gelatin X(P < 0.005).