Figure 2: 2-DE polyacrylamide gels of control and heat-treated parasite extracts. (a) and (b) Silver-stained 2-DE gels of soluble proteins (300 μg per gel) from T. cruzi epimastigotes at normal growth (28°C, 3 h) (a) or heat shock (42°C, 3 h) temperatures (b). The proteins were firstly separated in a pH range of 3–10 NL and then on 10% SDS-PAGE. An average of 506 ± 73 spots were found in gels from parasites incubated at 28°C, and gels obtained from heat-shocked parasites had an average of 521 ± 31 spots. The molecular standards are indicated in kDa. The gels are representative of three independent experiments. In 2-DE gel from 42°C, the spots indicated by numbers were identified by MS (Table 1). (c) and (d) Master gels of control (c) or heat shock conditions (d). Three gel images obtained from different experiments from each condition (28°C or 42°C) were aligned and matched each other to generate an average master gel using the PDQuest software.