Figure 1: Localization of Flag-NT-PGC-1α, GFP-PGC-1α, and Flag-NFATc1 in muscle fibers. (a) A representative image of a muscle fiber expressing Flag-NT-PGC-1α detected by anti-Flag antibody staining shows a predominantly cytoplasmic locatiozation of Flag-NT-PGC-1α in cultured adult skeletal muscle fibers. (b) A different fiber expressing the full-length PGC-1α-GFP fusion protein shows that full length PGC-1α is mainly located in the fiber nucleus. (c) A third muscle fiber expressing nuclear-targeted Flag-tagged NFATc1 detected by the same anti-Flag antibody procedure as in (a) has a strong nuclear staining, thus establishing nuclear penetration of the anti-Flag antibody. Scale bar, 10 μm.