Figure 2: Effect of GSC extract on colonic histological changes and crypt length in mice with DSS-induced colitis. (a) Representative histological findings in mice with dextran-sodium-sulfate- (DSS-) induced colitis. Representative H&E staining data of colon tissue from (A) normal mice administered with drinking water ( per group), (B) mice administered with DSS-induced colitis, and (C) mice coadministered with DSS and GSC extracts (500 mg/kg/day). Open circle arrows indicate epithelium cells. Open triangular arrows indicate goblet cells; closed triangular arrows indicate leukocytes. (b) Crypt length was measured under a light microscope (400x; scale bar = 50 μm) ( versus control; versus DSS). Data is expressed as mean ± SD ( per group). DSS: dextran sulfate sodium; GSC: Cordyceps militaris grown on germinated soybeans.