Table 3: SAPS 3 admission score, SOFA score calculated at 0, 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours, and outcome of each patient.

PatientSAPS 3SOFA 0SOFA 1SOFA 2 SOFA 3 SOFA 4 Outcome

N155 (26%)66778Died
N227 (1%)9101089Died
N375 (66%)11991110Died
N456 (28%)121313Stop CVVHDied
N547 (13%)15121213Stop CVVHSurvived
N680 (74%)1618121618Died
N768 (52%)1215Died
N890 (85%)131515Died
N957 (30%)108777Survived
N1052 (32%)88121010Survived
N11 64 (44%)1211101010Survived
N1267 (50%)1299910Survived
N1356 (28%)141210910Survived

Mean ± SD