Figure 5: WT or IL-6 KO DC immunization generates effectors expressing similar levels of the transcription factors Eomes and Bcl-6. (a) The representative overlay histogram shows expression of Eomes and Bcl-6 by OVA-specific Te cells (CD8+CD45.2+) and endogenous T cells (CD8+CD45.2). The MFI of Bcl-6 or Eomes expression by OVA-specific CD8+ effectors (upper bold number) and endogenous CD8+ T cells (lower number) are indicated on each overlay. Mice were immunized as in Figure 3. (b) Quantification of the level of expression of Eomes and Bcl-6. The bar charts show the MFI of expression for Eomes or Bcl-6 by OVA-specific CD8+ Te cells normalized to the MFI of endogenous CD8+ T cells. Results are presented as mean SEM. At least two mice per group.