Table 4: Means, standard deviations, and significance of the coordination parameters. Significant results are shown in bold. H: hip, K: knee, A: ankle.

Coordination parameters (°)Obese subjectsControls values

Stance MARP H-K 0.654
Stance DP H-K 0.001
Stance MARP H-A 0.382
Stance DP H-A 0.000
Stance MARP K-A 0.180
Stance DP K-A 0.001
Swing MARP H-K 0.288
Swing DP H-K 0.015
Swing MARP H-A 0.755
Swing DP H-A 0.035
Swing MARP K-A 0.260
Swing DP K-A 0.041