Table 4: Univariate analysis of the prognostic impact of clinical covariates and MRPs on progression-free survival in high-grade EOC.

HR(95% CI)

 III-IV versus I-II <0.0001 7.783.85–15.7
 Serous versus
0.011 1.91.16–3.12
Surgical debulking
 SOD versus OD<0.0001 3.42.09–5.52
Age at diagnosis
 >55 versus ≤550.48 1.170.76–1.8
MRP1 expression
 Positive versus
0.86 0.960.6–1.53
MRP4 expression
 Positive versus
0.27 1.350.8–2.28

value determined using log-rank test; HR: hazard ratio; CI: confidence interval; SOD: suboptimal debulking (residual disease >1 cm), OD: optimal debulking (residual disease not evident or <1 cm).