Table 1: Phenotypic characteristics of Rhizobium pongamiae VKLR-01 and type strains of phylogenetically related Rhizobium species.


OriginRoot nodule of P. pinnata (North Guwahati, Assam)Galega orientalis (Finland)NDFicus benjamina (Florida)
Cell morphology (µm)Rods (0.4–0.5 × 1.4–1.6)Rods (0.9–1.0 × 1.5–1.8)aRods (0.6–1 × 1.5–3.0)Rods
FlagellaND1-2Several, peritrichousSeveral, peritrichous
Nodulation ++
pH range 6–115.0–9.5aNDND
Growth at/in
 1% NaCl ++++
 2% NaCl +++
 4% NaCl+
Utilization as carbon source
 Maltose +ND++

Strains: 1, R. pongamiae (present study); 2, R. galegae LMG 6214T 3; 3, A. tumefaciens (biovar 1); 4, R. larrymoorei [912]. aUnpublished data of Wang et al. (personal communication) [13]. +: positive; −: negative; ND: data not available. All strains are Gram negative, aerobic, rod shaped, and nonspore forming. All 7 strains are positive for oxidase, catalase, and nitrate reductase tests.