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Analysis of Structures and Epitopes of Surface Antigen Glycoproteins Expressed in Bradyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii

Table 1

The original resources for SAG2C, D, X, and Y.

ProteinSizeaCoding gene location in types I, II, and III parasitesbDerivationc

SAG2C365 aaTGGT1_chrX: 7,358,316–7,360,225(−);
TGME49_chrX: 7353954–7,365860 (−); SRS49D
TGVEG_chrX: 7,440,957–7,442,866(−)
SAG2D196 aaTGGT1_chrX: 7,352,615–7,353,874(−);
TGME49_chrX: 7,353,328–7,354,587(−);SRS49C
TGVEG_chrX: 7,435,249–7,436,508 (−)
SAG2X367 aaTGGT1_chrX: 7,352,615–7,353,874(−);
TGME49_chrX: 7,353,328–7,354,587(−);SRS49B
TGVEG_chrX: 7,435,249–7,436,508 (−)
SAG2Y316 aaTGGT1_chrX: 7,358,316–7,360,225(−);
TGME49_chrX: 7,355,817–7,356,572 (−);SRS49A
TGVEG_chrX: 7,440,957–7,442,866(−)

Size is the amino acid number that the protein has.
bCoding gene is the location of the gene that coded the protein.
cSRS domain-containing protein number.