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Analysis of Structures and Epitopes of Surface Antigen Glycoproteins Expressed in Bradyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii

Table 6

Predicted HLA-restricted CD8+ T cell epitopes for SAG2X, -2Y of T. gondii.

AlleleSequencePecentile rankMethod usedLocation

HLA-A*0201ALVPNSSLV1.6Consensus (ANN, SMM, CombLib Sidenev 2008)260–268204–212
HLA-A*0201VLSSSFMIV1.2Consensus (ANN, SMM, CombLib Sidenev 2008)346–354290–298
HLA-A*1101ALAITSTTK1.6Consensus (ANN, SMM)208–216152–160
HLA-A*1101SSAQTFFYK0.1Consensus (ANN, SMM)289–297234–242
HLA-A*1101KVLISVEKR2.75Consensus (ANN, SMM)311–319263–271
HLA-B*0702LPSSAQTFF3Consensus (ANN, SMM, CombLib Sidenev 2008)285–293232–240
HLA-B*0702RPDSDATAT2.2Consensus (ANN,  SMM, CombLib Sidenev 2008)314–322271–279