BioMed Research International / 2013 / Article / Fig 8

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Gene Silencing of 4-1BB by RNA Interference Inhibits Acute Rejection in Rats with Liver Transplantation

Figure 8

The electron micrographs of liver in recipient rats with liver transplantation (original magnification 12000). The recombination vector of lentivirus contains shRNA targeting the 4-1BB gene was constructed. The liver transplantation was performed using the two-cuff technique. BN recipient rats were infected by the recombinant LVs. The ultrastructure of liver in recipient rats was observed by electron microscope 7 days after liver transplantation. Model: liver transplantation model group; LV-NC: negative-control shRNA group; LV-sh4-1BB1: pcDNA-CMV-sh4-1BB1-Lentivector group.