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TNNT2 Gene Polymorphisms Are Associated with Susceptibility to Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy in the Han Chinese Population

Table 2

Identified DNA variants and the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium of 10 SNPs in the TNNT2 gene in the DCM patients and control subjects.

MarkersLocation of nucleotide changeAmino acid changeNoteObs HETExpt HETHWE (P)MAF

rs7521796Intron 201330019 A>GNoncodingNovel noncoding SNP0.1150.11510.061
rs2275862Intron 201330366 C>GNon-codingNovel non-coding SNP0.3290.3190.76830.199
rs3729547201334382 T>CSynonymous Ile [I]Reported synonymous0.5040.48410.41
rs10800775Intron 201336386 C>TNon-codingNovel non-coding SNP0.4740.4480.7710.339
rs1892028Intron 201336641 A>GNon-codingNovel non-coding SNP0.4890.4980.73960.47
rs3729843Intron 201336984 G>ANon-codingReported non-coding SNP0.2850.3310.59490.21
rs3729842Intron 201337170 C>TNon-codingReported non-coding SNP0.2250.2410.35940.14
rs12563114Intron 201344908 C>TNon-codingNovel non-coding SNP0.0810.0840.56380.044
rs12564445Intron 201345487 G>ANon-codingNovel non-coding SNP0.4350.4270.78910.309
rs49152325′ near gene 201347946 A>GNon-codingNovel non-coding SNP0.5350.4990.74070.482

Note: Obs HET: observed heterozygosity, Expt HET: expected heterozygosity, HWE (P): P value from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test, and MAF: minor allele frequency.