Table 3: The dose variation measured in a RANDO phantom using GAFCHROMIC film strips sandwiched between sections at sites of interest. The film strips were orientated along the AP direction, except for two strips along the lateral orientation at abdomen and head. The dose ratios at midpoints of profiles inside the phantom were normalized to the midpoint dose measured between sections 27 and 28. The dose variation was normalized to the midpoint of separation in body surface for individual profile.


Separation (cm) of body surface18.5131915.514.517.519.518.514.5
Dose ratio of midpoint0.9641.0210.5611.0621.0761.0000.9450.9551.083
Maximum dose in profile (%)104.6103.4101.2102.8103.2103.3103.3111.7109.8
Minimum dose in profile (%)98.999.199.398.596.098.498.099.798.4

Between phantom section2-38-917-1823-2425-2627-2831-322-325-26

With lung shielding block. 2Film oriented in lateral direction.