Figure 1: Radiograph of the implants inserted into the proximal tibial metaphysis. Diagrammatic view showing the position of the test (left) and the anchorage (right) implants. The 3 regions of interest (ROI) are shown. (a) Peri-implant band of bone located around the implant’s most apical segment that was still exclusively surrounded by trabecular bone. Height: 56 slices (ca. 1.12 mm), band width: 0.5 mm. (b) ROI number two. Volume of 50 slices (ca. 0.98 mm) including both the cortical and trabecular compartment of bone. Slice number 1 was located immediately outside the distal surface of the test implant. (c) ROI number three. Volume of 100 slices (ca. 1.98 mm) contoured midway between the two implants and also including both the cortical and the trabecular compartments of bone.