Table 2: Casuistry.

PatientConsolidation time (months)Follow-up period (months)ComplicationsType of synthesisDuration of postoperative pain at donor site (days)Associated lesions

Case 11.5362 plates5
Case 22302 plates8Median nerve lesion (trauma)
Case 32.5242 plates9Closed femoral neck fracture and open femoral and tibial diaphysis fractures (all ipsilateral)
Case 4217Kirschner wires10Medial malleolus fracture (ipsilateral)
Case 5372 plates14Closed tibial plateau fracture (ipsilateral) and closed right distal radius and forearm fractures
Case 617Persistent infection requiring second procedure1 plate8
Case 7481 plate10
Case 83161 plate15Right sacroiliac joint lesion, left ischiopubic branch fracture, right femur and tibia open fractures, popliteal artery vascular injury and vascular graft failure after 2 days requiring leg amputation
Case 9312Third semitubular plate21
Case 104211 LCP21Brachial plexus injury (ipsilateral) + traumatic amputation of fingers 2–5
Case 11312Contour irregularity of basin1 DCP (radius) + third semitubular plate (ulna)30

LCP: locking compression plate; DCP: dynamic compression plate.