Figure 2: Effect of barley bran and oat bran supplementation for 2 months on liver tissue structure in rats with induced hypercholesterolemia. (a) Hepatic tissues of control group showing hepatic strands of cells (short arrow) blood sinusoids (long arrow), (b) hepatic tissue suffering hypercholesterolemia showing fatty liver tissue with disrupted cells, vacuolated cytoplasm, and necrosis with disrupted hepatic strands (arrows), (c) hepatic tissues pretreated oat bran shows be restoring the normal appearance of hepatic strands (short arrow), well-defined hepatic cords with polyhedral hepatocytes, and normal appearing round nuclei (long arrow), and (d) hepatic tissues pretreated barley bran shows no necrotic hepatic tissues with normal hepatic strands (arrows). ×200 (H&E stains).