(a) Limb bud cartilage
(b) Condylar cartilage
(c) Posterior portion of intramandibular meckel’s cartilage
Figure 5: Schematic representations of the expression pattern of three key transcription factors in the different types of cartilage during the newborn stage. The expression pattern of Sox9, Runx2, and Osterix in limb bud cartilage is based on previous reports of Kim et al. [5], Kaback et al. [6], Nishimura et al. [7], Ng et al. [8], and Dy et al. [9]. Furthermore, the expression patterns of Sox9 (red), Runx2 (blue), and Osterix (yellow) in condylar cartilage and Meckel’s cartilage are based on the present findings. Long arrows indicate the expressing cell zones of transcription factors in cartilage. (a) limb bud cartilage, (b) condylar cartilage, and (c) the posterior portion of intramandibular Meckel’s cartilage.